Dance Night 2019

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Dance Night 2019 – May 23rd and 24th

Tickets (per night) $15 for students and seniors, $20 for adults

Tickets available May 23rd & May 24th  Tickets

Different performances on Thursday and Friday

Tickets available at the door $20 for students and $25 for seniors & adults

Volunteer to help at Dance Night Volunteer!

Job descriptions listed below:

Bake sale coordinator – organizes the bake sale items before the show and packs them up after with students and volunteers.

Bake sale table – Help to set up table and sell items before show and at intermission.

Drink Table – sets up and sells drinks before show and at intermission.

Flower and DVD sales – Sells flowers and orders for DVDs before show, at intermission and after show.

Ticket Sales – Sells tickets before show and at intermission of first show for the second show.

Silent Auction – Supervises the table before, during and after the show, includes distributing the items to winning bidders.

Clean up Crew – Helps tidy main foyer after the show is over.

Food Preparation – Helps prepare the fruit skewers and vegetable cups for the evening.



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The Dance Program, open to both boys and girls, focuses on technical development in both Ballet and Modern Dance. Along with dance technique classes, the program also seeks to develop the students’ creativity through composition and choreography.

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