Dance Parents

As a Canterbury Dance Parent, it is important to ensure you are receiving information about what is happening with the Dance Program.  This includes events, workshop, important dates to remember, as well as interesting opportunities that are presented to the Dance Department throughout the year.

Dance Parent Council

The Dance Parent Council (DPC) is a volunteer group of dance parents and guardians in the Canterbury Arts Program.  The DPC is instrumental in facilitating communication throughout our CHS dance community, allowing the dance faculty to focus on other responsibilities and initiatives.

Along with the Dance Student Council representatives and executive, the DPC meets the first Tuesday of every month in the school Library at 6:30 pm to discuss issues and initiatives for the purpose of supporting the Dance Program and maintaining the students’ rich dance education.  We welcome new and returning members at any time of the year! The invitation to attend meetings is always open and participation is encouraged and appreciated.


Almost all communication about the Dance Department, including school events and different fundraisers, is by email from the Dance Parent Council. It is critical for you to sign up for this service and it is also very easy to do. Simply click here to sign up: DPC MailChimp

Get Connected on Social Media

FACEBOOK: The Canterbury High School Dance Parents Community is a Facebook Group page. Search for it and add yourself to the group.

INSTAGRAM: Follow @canterburydance and @canterburydancenight


Did you know that the Dance Program has the highest operating costs of any of the arts programs at Canterbury?  The Canterbury Dance Program depends on fundraising in order to continue providing exceptional learning opportunities for the dance students. There are two main fundraising initiatives each year: the Canterbury Arts fee and Dance Night.

Arts Fee

The Dance Program is solely funded through each student’s Arts Canterbury Upgrade Charge of $250. These fees allow us to provide quality education in the arts by providing unique and rich opportunities for our young aspiring artists. The Dance Program uses these funds to hire live accompaniment for the dancers during their classes, attend events, field trips, host workshops, as well as many other activities for the dancers.  If you have not yet paid these fees it can be done online through