Thank you!!! 

CHS Dance families and friends who supported the Mom’s Pantry Fundraiser, We sold $7000 worth of yummy products and raised close to $2000 for the Dance Department. 

We are currently arranging a new date/time to pick up the items ordered and we need your assistance.

Tentative dates – April 7th or 8th, from 3:30 to 6pm at Canterbury HS in the teacher’s parking lot. We are awaiting confirmation from Mom’s Pantry and will provide further updates.

If you particiapted in this fundraiser please send an e-mail to with your dancers name and your cell number so we can reach you directly.

In order to support social distancing we are looking at the following options:

  • Scheduled pick up times for families
  • asking people to remian in their car while awaiting ther turn

 Please let us know if you have any questions

Ongoing fundraising is required to sustain the CHS Dance standard of excellence in education and training. 



Cancelled – 2020 Paint Night Fundraiser

The Paint Night fundraider has been cancelled due to the closure of all Ontario elementary and secondary schools until April 6, 2020.

Tickets will be reimbursed from the vendor, please see your receipts for details.


April 8, 2020 S Dance Parents Council Meeting                         

  • 6:30pm Canterbury Library     

Pay it forward! $250 Arts Fee

Have you paid your annual $250 Arts Fee?  (Note:  this is an annual fee.  All returning students are asked to pay it each year.)  The Dance Program is solely funded through each student’s Arts Canterbury Upgrade Charge of $250.  These fees allow us to provide quality education in the arts by providing unique and rich opportunities for our young aspiring artists.  The Dance Program uses these funds to hire live accompaniment for the dancers during their classess, attend events, field trips, host workshops, costume for dance nights, as well as many othe activities for the dancers.  If you have not yet paid these fees it can be done online.

Get Connected!

  • Sign up for email communication from the Dance Parent Council. Almost all communication about the Dance Department, including school events and different fundraisers, is by email. It is critical for you to sign up for this service. It is also very easy to do. Just click here: CHS Dance Parent Council (Note: if you were on the list last year, you do not need to sign up again.)
  • Follow us on Facebook: Canterbury High School Dance Parents Community
  • Follow us on Instagram: @canterburydance
  • Follow Dance Night on Instagram: @canterburydancenight
  • ARTS FEE ARTS FEE $250 one time fee, or in installments, payable with School Cash Online or cheque(s). Tuition covers musicians, costumes, master classes by guest dancers, etc....
  • Volunteerings Volunteerings To be successful we require volunteers, foods and drinks at each events.
  • DANCE EVENTS DANCE EVENTS Canterbury Dance Students are busy. Find out about future upcoming events being organized for you CHS dancers.
  • APPLICATIONS APPLICATIONS Application starts 5 Dec 2019 and close 6 Jan 2020
  • DANCE PARENTS COMMITTEE DANCE PARENTS COMMITTEE Help us with the organization of the fund raising events. Come to the dance parents committee first Tuesday of every month in the library at 1830H (6:30 pm).